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Crazy, how we turned this world into a concrete jungle
The strongest amongst us live the weakest stumble
Superpowers dominant monsters make their bombs rumble
With the lives of the innocent they gamble
The rich on a side the poor to the other they don't mingle
Segregation is so prevalent at every angle
What we’ve done with the love that we’ve been given
Weapons of mass destruction plaguing this planet at random
This is not the world we dreamt of lost paradise cold as ice
War and strife break out from all sides
Political gangsters telling us lies the earth cries
Suffocate and slowly dies

Oh why oh why oh why segregation
Oh why oh why oh why miseducation
Oh why oh why oh why violation
We need revolution

Doomu adama rek lay boole crise bou gneuw moko sooke
Biss boo gneuw mou wanne ne geum na god mou wirri fa
Def safaan xol bi werante jikko bou modee
Amatougnou ben love seytaane wilagnu beug nootee
Def jaam sougnou kanggam joh peel doomu adama dimbaliko gassal Ko
Gniy kheutio beug doon buur thi kaw souf mou woleen thi langgam
Thi angle am sehal leen tangalam bagnu ne yambbalang
Jangloleen jeng ci kaw souf tewal gnangalam

Oh why oh why oh why destruction
Wooy ! Woooy !! Domou adama ngi yakh soufe si... Wooy !!

Oh why oh why oh why frustration
Oh why oh why oh why we need regulation
Compassion is the remedy for acrimony
Prejudice breaks the harmony
In reality love is no fallacy
Open your heart to leniency and you’ll see
One God One Aim One Destiny Tay de lagnuy geuneu daw khiheut kouy njeuk thi kaw
Thiol ba ni golo bi jiital kol bi womat mbolo mi
Adouna geuneu wooradi bombes yi geuneu foorati
Kene douko wakhati kou nekk amna enemy
Digeunte yi gnu joggati montar yi khonk na gneupe ngi daw wouti Wallou
Oufou thi kepaarou borom jamono moy rammou

Oh why oh why oh why segregation
Oh why oh why oh why miseducation
Oh why oh why oh why violation
We need revolution

Yag nagnu def banoppi reuthio
Yag na dèf ba noppi reutiou-reutiou
Dafa melni khèl yeupeu teutiou-teutiou
Soufe si jooy na sougnou jeuf you-jeuf you
Gnawa gnaw yi war nagnou gestou-gestou
Souf si jooy sougnou jeuf you gnawa gnaw...

Writer(s): Mamadou SECK, Abdou SECK
Copyright(s): Lyrics © CHRYSALIS MUSIC FRANCE, BMG Rights Management
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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