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Boott Mill Flavor
by Daemon Chili
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Verse 1
I come from the great city of Lowell.
I got the Boott Mill Flavor kickin' in my soul.
From Arthur's Paradise Diner.
There ain't no breakfast sandwich finer.
Verse 2
Well I wake up in the morning with the sunny shine.
I got a Boott Mill Sandwich weighing heavy on my mind.
That's when I head out the door.
Cross the street, and I'm home.
Verse 3
I remember the days when I was a younger man.
Skippin' school was the only plan.
That's why I never understood.
And I never-ever done what I should.
Verse 4
Everybody call it "Arthur's By The Sea."
I guess it's 'cause of all them ole canals round here.
Well call it what you will.
It's the home of the one and the only Boott Mill.
Verse 5
Well Dottie say, "I take your order now, please."
I say, "Gimmie a sausage Boott and make it extra cheese."
'Cause I like it like that, and when you're young,you swear you never gonna get fat.
Verse 6
Well the first time I saw a Boott I was awfully suspicious.
But Arthur hooked it up and it was mighty delicious.
I remember the days when triple-meat Bootts were the craze.
Verse 7
Grab a bacon Boott to go and then you head on out the door.
You come back tomorrow for just one more.
I eat 'em two at a time, Lord knows, it's a victimless crime.
Verse 8
Now the people they come from all around.
For the sandwich that put this map on the town.
Now before you hit the road, I suggest that you head on down.
Before you hit the road, I suggest you head on down, sweet lady.
And get yourself some Boott Mill Flavor before you head out of town!

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