Thirsty Lyrics Meanings
by Daggy


Thirsty Lyrics

All these girls so thirsty they want to get a sip
Oh she just want to hit my bud she wanna hit the zip
Oh I just saw the worlds mine I saw it on a blimp
Whoa shawty want to sit down quick little dinner with the shrimp
Quick dinner with the shrimp

Whoa all these girls thirsty yeah they wanna get sip
I just wanna get a brand new whip spaceship
Shawty want to hit me up want to smoke this zip
Whoa I just wanna surf that wave but ain't cruise ship ain't cruise ship

We eat the shrimp and she need a napkin she got that insta she got that caption
Shawty is capping she acting crazy she want to hit my line she going to hate me
She wanna hate me she like where you at
I'm making these moves and I'm flipping these packs
I'm flipping these tracks because I'm on the beat shawty hit me up like Daggy you freak
No you freaky shawty hit me up she cheeky
I'm making these moves and they peep me I'm making these moves and they peep me
I'm up on your IG up on your news feed shawty want hit me up she want that blue read
She want that blue read we got them blue strips I'm making big guap I got them big strips

Whoa whoa yeah we roll the dice whoa whoa whoa we living nice
She she yeah she want a slice Russian roulette yeah we roll the dice

Writer(s): Tristan Alexander
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Thirsty Meanings

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