Daniel Breaker, Jennifer Cody, Sarah Jane Everman, Lisa Ho, Brian d'Arcy James, Sutton Foster Make A Move cover

Make A Move
by Daniel Breaker, Jennifer Cody, Sarah Jane Everman, Lisa Ho, &

Jan 1, 2010

Make A Move Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
There's somethin' goin' on around here.
I've been watchin' and the signals are clear.
A nervous laugh when she brushes her skin,
The sweaty palms, the big dopey grin.
Verse 2
Hmmm mmm mmm
Verse 3
With a giggle and a flip of her hair,
I smell the pheromones in the air!
Makin' goo-goo eyes over their food,
They need my help here in settin' the mood!
Verse 4
Oh, you don't believe love is blind?
Well, I've got some friends who think otherwise.
And here they are, direct from my imagination!
Verse 5
Three blind mice!
Verse 6
Watch your step, girls!
Verse 7
Three blind mice! See how they run.
Verse 8
You gotta turn up the heat, you gotta butter the pan,
Verse 9
You gotta make a move, and don't be afraid!
Verse 10
Reach for her hand, maybe give her a kiss,
Verse 11
She's waitin' for a move to be made!
Verse 12
You gotta,
Verse 13
Verse 14
Verse 15
Verse 16
Verse 17
Gotta, yeah!
Verse 18
You gotta make a move.
Verse 19
You gotta make a move!
Verse 20
You gotta make a move.
Verse 21
You gotta make a move!
Verse 22
You gotta make a move
Verse 23
You gotta make a move!
Verse 24
Verse 25
Shrek, I know you can't hear me right now,
But if you could, I'd wanna say a few things to you.
I am in your corner, buddy!
But you have got to tell this girl what you're really feelin' deep down!
You may not get another chance.
So just go on, now. Just open your heart and
Verse 26
Uhh princess?
Verse 27
Here we go!
Verse 28
Verse 29
Yes, Shrek?
Verse 30
Oh, he's gonna tell her!
Verse 31
I, uh
Verse 32
Oh, I can't take this!
Verse 33
Well, I was, uh
Verse 34
Uh huh
Verse 35
I was wondering
Verse 36
Verse 37
I was wondering
Verse 38
Spit it out!
Verse 39
A-are you gonna eat that?
Verse 40
Man, what is wrong with you?
Sung you gotta
Verse 41
Make a move, you gotta shift into gear,
Verse 42
You gotta buckle down and give it a whirl!
Verse 43
The scene is set right out of a book,
Verse 44
With a sunset
Verse 45
And a beautiful girl, so you gotta,
Verse 46
Verse 47
Verse 48
Verse 49
Verse 50
Gotta, yeah!
Verse 51
You gotta make a move.
Verse 52
You gotta,
Verse 53
You gotta make a move!
Verse 54
You gotta,
Verse 55
You gotta make a move!
Verse 56
You gotta, make a
Verse 57
Verse 58
You gotta use the sunset! What a beautiful sunset, baby!
You gotta use the sunset, baby! Whoa, whoa, yeah!
You gotta reach for the ring, you gotta give it a shot,
Grab the bull by the horns, or give up the pot!
Whoo! And make a move!

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