Already Feel Rich

Already Feel Rich Lyrics Meanings
by Daniel Fuxer


Already Feel Rich Lyrics

I just wanna run it all
Fuck them all its all for yalls
My family knows but still get calls
Asking for advances im like wait im yet to fall

I deserve it big
She deserve this whip
First of foreign kits
Watch this shit about to drift

South damn
Hot damn
Stop man
Not that

Full of spice the juice of life man
Keep it loose im riding high man never lie i aint gonna land man
Fuck the twelve its bout the six
String revolver make the bitch sing

This a sting operation
Smooth operator
Just record and worry later
All my woes up on the papers

Green wild growing unattended
Call it foliage we fold it like a bandage
Turn the light and make it vanish

Turn a product to a package
We the future on the eastside
Lovers like some strangers
They still soft on the inside
Covers over dealers

Fuck where i come from my home is now the middle
A warm embrace i left for fame and a sizzle
Fire dressing up her headdress just from pressure of a button
Hunting for that special somethign resting somewhere in the rubble
Somewhere in the rubble
In the rubble

I already feel rich
Got a bitch
Yeah she suck my dick
Yeah this shit is lit

Pass the phone
Momma ask us questions bout the room
Gotta zoom

Its too late
Im getting older
Now i got way more up on my plate
Used to hate

Shit is good damn
Thanking something up above
I feel good man

Look like me or do i look like them
I dont care either way im going in

Right in front my eyes they dance
Ive been waiting for the bands
Music to my ear

Feeling rich just the from the drinks
Windows looking clear

Get a tint
Job on paper like a hit
Now it lit
Stars up in the dark or just the tab
Make it fit
Like my ex when she was anoerexic
Fucking good thats triple exes
Double equis
Underage and still a boss
Double pay and hitting up the mall
Never needed hugo boss but we put it on
Just to feel what its about
Walk around
Owning all the town
No problem

I already feel rich
Used to look on craiglist
Post about a job
Now im flexing up on forex
Looking for them millions
Never needed clearance
Flipping off the cops

Calling it america
God bless the mericas
Jay z supreme too bad i gotta bury em
Miller too light i was sent just too embarras em

Calling all the shots this a verbal compendium
Working on the lot still struggle comprehending em
Im an einstein with the mind of mouse
Thats the rhyme so sublime im supplying the house

Dr seuss
Im the bomb

Whent it drop

Just to run it all
Fuck em all

Writer(s): Carlos Orellana
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Already Feel Rich Meanings

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