Daniel Massey She Loves Me cover

She Loves Me
by Daniel Massey

Nov 19, 1963

She Loves Me Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Well, well, well, well, well
Well, well, well, well, well, well
Wonders never cease
Verse 2
She loves me and to my amazement I love it
Knowing that she loves me
She loves me, true, she doesn't show it
How could she, when she doesn't know it?
Verse 3
Yesterday she loathe me
Now today she likes me
And tomorrow and tomorrow
Verse 4
My teeth ache from the urge to touch her
I'm speechless for I mustn't tell her
It's wrong now but it won't be long now
Verse 5
Hope my love discovers
That she and I are lovers
Imagine how surprised she's bound to be
She loves me
Verse 6
She loves me and loves [Incomprehensible]
She don't show it, how could she?
She don't know it
Verse 7
I'm tingling such delicious tingles
I'm trembling
What the heck does that mean?
Verse 8
I'm freezing, that's because it's cold out
But still I'm incandescent
And like some adolescent
I'd like to scrawl on every word I see
Verse 9
She loves me, she loves me
She loves, loves, loves me
Why don't you show it?

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