Danny Kosarin Act 1. The Spark of Creation cover

Act 1. The Spark of Creation
by Danny Kosarin

Act 1. The Spark of Creation Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Beyond, beyond
It sounds full of wind and mist, doesn't it?
It means other things exist, doesn't it?
Verse 2
Beyond, beyond
It says, "Adam, leave your list", doesn't it?
Father, why does my head feel this joy of this dread
Since the moment I said beyond?
Verse 3
I've got a itching on the tips of my fingers
I've got a burning in the back of my brain
I've got a hunger burning inside me, cannot be denied
Verse 4
I've got a feeling that the Father who made us
When he was kindling a pulse in my veins
He left a tiny spark of that fire smoldering inside
Verse 5
The spark of creation is flickering within me
The spark of creation is blazing in my blood
A bit of the fire that lit up the stars and brought life into the mud
The first inspiration, the spark of creation
Verse 6
I see a mountain and I want to climb it
I see a river and I want to be sure
Where there was nothing let there be something
Something made by me
Verse 7
There's things waiting for me to invent them
There's worlds waiting for me to explore
I am an echo of the eternal cry of let there be
Verse 8
The spark of creation, burning bright within me
The spark of creation won't let me rest at all
Until I discover or build or uncover a thing that I can call
My celebration of the spark creation
Verse 9
The spark of creation, may it burn forever
The spark creation, I am a keeper of the flame
We think all we want is a lifetime of leisure
Each perfect day, the same endless vacation
Verse 10
Well that's alright if you're a kind crustacean
But when you're born with an imagination
Sooner of later you're feeling the fire
Getting hotter and higher, the spark of creation
Verse 11

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