Me Me

Me Me Lyrics Meanings
by DarkPalace__
ft. Waadie, Nashi


Me Me Lyrics

Give a fuck about conditions
There's no limit to my diction

If you ain't heard it from this mouth i'm using now it's probably gon be fiction
I been steady on a mission
But frequently erupt conniptions
Only in a mental sense
Physically cool as spearmint mints
Even when the sun missed due to lids failing to commit to the light
I still pick up on the hints but i'm losing it need
To get a grip right now
I am on the end of trail leading to the beginning of itself
And i'm looking for an item that willingly put upon a shelf
Cause i felt myself sinking and i'll be damned if i let my most important possession
Turn to cinders due to my Descent but i chose surrender now
Cause in order for myself to fly i gotta first undo my belt
Fuck a plane i got angels round me but they will not carry me but tell me how
For the owners i will not bow
And when the moons is full unleash a howl
Baby come and give asylum nookie
Have a rookie fix his hips to bow
Fix his lips to give a wow
And tryna go and sell his soul
Exchange for a new ring to bell
And aim it at ya ring finger now
And every chance he get to nail
Hammer hard and never pry it out
And just in spite of you capturing me so i've gotta go and show out
Retrieve my passion from the shelf have you crying out my name
Leave me with a raisin pouch and a dirty finger
Kiss it up god know he heard you screamin
Don't even let me get started on you because now your hair resembles how
You look when you sleep without a bonnet after first body
So your night was filled with hours terrorizing Nightmares
But now that you got me im the only thing to worry bout

I love you

Give a fuck about self
Picked up money liked its nuffin
I done been on top the buildin
I been lookin like a million
I can see why you dont see it though
Been on that side you dont want it though
You do the kinda guy to wear jeans to the meeting show that you dont care
Gettin deals you finessin they dont even know that you was even there
In the back growin up doin what you had to workin on your hustle
Bullet proof you go where they cant throw up any missiles
Tin man no feelins but she a lion had to have the steel
And she comment on my steel
Colder than a damn seal
Copped a fur for the low kitten with some purr came in with it
He run with the mufasa on em
Let it roar if you try to disown em
King cold got the ice golden frieza with the flaire
And she say she like my hair
Run my fingers thru her air
I feel that she might be a angel
I think that im lyin the issue
Not really fond of her temple
I seen some badder demons down on the dark side
I remember far side so thats why im not far sight
Oh my
Never been the type to cross eye change tides
Surfin in a silver range
Not mine
Never gonna fold dont dot line
Near sight dont read stop sign
Unwrapped she a fine fun size
Young general
Dont sit it out
Young king shit
Gon figure out
Den cash out
They cant see me so they wanna pull the flash out
Too black young panther when its dark
Cam cams out when the kid touch down
Got the stick when she wanna come stall out
Me me

Writer(s): Jawwaad Horn, Shane Wlltshite
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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