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by Dayrion

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It's recording
Yea I'm finna talk my shit in this one
Aye aye

Nigga say he caught me lackin then why he ain't shoot me
These niggas fakes they always cappin I find it amuzin
I up the K turn him to ashes I'm sparkin up JuAy
A nigga stay drippin I'm fashion I'm rockin that Gucci
And I'm rockin that Louis
So these niggas be mad
Get out my DM lil nigga go get you a bag
I lost my patience I ain't sleeping til he in a bag
He think I'm playin when I see him I empty the mag
I ain't never ran from no nigga I ain't start today
As long as i could pull this trigga ion gotta fade
If they ever catch a nigga slippin then they gotta pay
My niggas heavy on that menacing they pop and spray
I get the bag and get to dancin like I'm Michael Jackson
Ali in the trap and he gon blast you if you want some action
You want some pack we got some package but we gon be taxin
Bitch threw it back I had to pass it that pussy some magic
Yea a nigga been active before I was freshman
Put on my clothes and get the Mac told her stop all that textin
Her nigga mad cuz I smacked now he talkin that reckless
I send some shots to his cap who he thought he was testin

If you test me then ima pass I was always intelligent
I be smokin all of this gas I don't feel like inhaling it
I be boolin up in the trap what you want Niggas sellin it
You'd be stupid you try to run off my niggas got hella shit
And I can't change sides
Put this glock to yo top leave yo brains fried
These niggas say they poppin out and they ain't slide
It's like y'all don't come out the house after Shvne died
Y'all ain't got no ties and you won't let that thang fly
But if a nigga play with us then it's game time
I'm on the road I'm on the low with my Canines
We hit lil bro and shot his gang up at the same time
Niggas really lame why

Im bouta drop a old man and cause a few issues
I'm on yo block w no mask and I got my two pistols
I got a THOT with no ass but a lot of potential
She gave me top with no hands I think shawty essential
I told her bring some shit back she get sent to the blade
I got a hoe that move crack it ain't shit but a play
I'm bouta drop a whole bag on my fit for the day
And yea I know these niggas mad won't do shit either way
I'm the Don I got my led back
I'm with gorillas nigga Quawn he got his dreads back uh
And he gon pull a killa top in his airmax
Then toss em in the whip and drop his body off Fairfax
Bitch I'm from the W if you ain't gang then you can't eat with me
Bitches wanna fuck if you don't pay then you can't be with me
You see me in the club don't say a thang how you got beef with me
Niggas really bums and swear that they on the same league on me
You ain't on my rank ain't on my level yous a fuck nigga
Some niggas actin like they ghetto let's get up nigga
Brody used to play the chello now he bust triggas
Oh yea whatever that's wassup nigga
You should tell yo bitch to roll with me so she could touch paper
Said turn off that Jodeci bitch we could love later
Oh you think you blockin me but I'm a punt faker
I'm really in the field I'm runnin shit just like im Walt Payton
Like when I said I'm trenches
I was not lyin
Nigga I'm in the field

Writer(s): Dayrion White
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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