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July 19, 1993

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Verse 1
All I get is rain
Thunder clouds up above my head
Storm warning's been posted
Heavy weather predicted today
Verse 2
There's a storm on outside
I've been thinking about the day
It was in late September
I thought that you
Verse 3
Would have changed my life
But it's only rainy rainy December
I get caught in the...
I get caught in the rain
Verse 4
Rain rain go away,
Come again some other day
Baby, baby, unchain my heart!
Unchain my soul
Verse 5
Let the sunshine back into my life
Bring it on let it go
Make the wind blow the clouds away hey
All I want is inspiration
Verse 6
Let the voices within me speak
But for now it's only rainy rainy December
I've had enough of this rain
Crying for my pain
Verse 7
Let in some light again
Make the day night again
It's raining in my heart
The sky is always dark
Verse 8
The calm before the storm
There was no time to warn
Got to keep brewing on
The water's coming into my heart
Verse 9
Before there was time to warn you
I can't give up my reason
I love the change in season

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