Swimming These Thoughts

Swimming These Thoughts Lyrics Meanings
by DefRock and Darrenator


Swimming These Thoughts Lyrics

Right stroke Left stroke
Kick swim...

Very few left still cooking it like a chef
Taste bland
The flavors something i cant stand
Tell these clams open their shells
And clap hands
Same sound made as the clapping of one hand
Dead silence as the mc stands
Nobody cares unless its twisted up in some ol glitz and glam
Probably the reason they spitting sand
Sprinkle the salt
Get out the pot butter and let it melt
Marinate the lyric to a boil or catch a welt
Tell everybody how the burn felt
(Howd that feel?)
Steam bathing these crustations
Like a mind reader
Trying to read the mind of a bottom feeder
Probably boils down to feed and breed
How do they understand they cant read
In a place where a feeding chain is staying in place
Swim inside these thoughts while i catch pace
Ill be back in a quick fast
Feed off the beats of Darrenator

Swimming these thoughts...

Camera to catch a crime in real time
Swimming these thoughts
For a second
And let me get bizzy like this...

Trying to keep true to the sound
Is like trying to drag a dead elephant around
Slipped and got broke on the merry go round
You know you fall down you get up?
All go to town Mr van Housing is suing
The sound
Many lawyers present drawing testement
That they represent
Darrenator set up the projector
Light up the audience face with
Show them the demension we're creating
Never was based on the record the radios playing
Swim in these things that im saying message conveying
Watch the way you think
He'll pladgerise your dreams in a blink
Paint visions beyond the fence
He dont sound like them

Swimming these thoughts

And now
Who wants to be the cool crustaion?
We set to boil
Doing it...
Baron blood von housing
Smell the gasolene hes dowsing?
Fire to the form
Hit em with heat speaking missiles
Like desert storm
Bunker bust em
Hit em below the gristle
Our production
Do work like Synthetic dust or
Digital dirt
Control the cerimony
Mic level expert
Give him the gold hes worth
Defrock is a constant
My net work aint about net worth
Matter fact
I move at levels way ahead
Im not looking back
Pushing through the track
Nothings a mutter
I suffer no set back
Now hurry up
Go out and tell everybody that you know to support the craft

Support the craft
Swimming these thoughts

Writer(s): Donald Maker
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid, Songtrust Ave
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Swimming These Thoughts Meanings

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