Shark Bate cover
Shark Bate cover

Shark Bate Lyrics Meanings
by Dela Jazz2kool

Shark Bate Lyrics

Big bank
Take little bank
These niggas
Shake bate
Fish tank
Getting ate
Taking bout
No weight

Dog eat Dog world
Name ring More bells
Keep work Whole sale
Don't snitch Don't tell
Monkey see monkey do
Don't care what you do
I'm about to get this loot
420$ On a pair of sweats what you saying
4:20 met me a slut now I'm slaying
Bout to go bust me I ain't playing
Bout to go smoke me a blunt I anti staying
Draco gotta kick back then it's spraying
These niggas playin both sides don't panic

I ball like near
You add no fear
More game her ear
Long hair done care
These niggas jocking my slang
These days doing my thing
Big diamonds all in chain
Big Drip making it rain

Get mad
Don't care what you had
Niggas waving white flags

Big bank
Take little bank
These niggas
Shake bate
Fish tank
Getting ate
Taking bout
No weight

Use to serve big weight
Cruising on the interstate
Trying to get my penis ate
Can't avoid the number eight

Big bank
Take little bank
Its a short day

Fish tank
Talking shake bate
Now you getting ate

Jail bate
Taking Shawshank
You got no rank

Knock a nigga out that's a full Plank
Never gave no fucks gotta keep it frank
Pull up in a truck don't even blink
Chopping up a brick drop in the sink
Had to sale the plug for a nigga
The plug
Bitches got no love for a nigga
No Luv
Had to sell them drugs to a nigga
Them drugs
Fuck around then might pull the trigger

Hot like the summer
Cold like the winter
Cha cha

Jumping off the porch
You a full beginner
Cha cha

Whipping up a brick
Call that cooking dinner

Writer(s): umari faried
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Shark Bate Meanings

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