Depeche Mode One Caress cover

One Caress
by Depeche Mode

Mar 22, 1993

One Caress Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Well, I'm down on my knees again
And I pray to the only one
Who has the strength
To bear the pain
To forgive all the things that I've done
Verse 0
Oh girl
Lead me into your darkness
When this world is trying it's hardest
To leave me unimpressed
Just one caress
From you and I'm blessed
Verse 2
When you think you've tried every road
Every avenue
Take one more look
At what you found old
And in it you'll find something new
Verse 3
Verse 4
I'm shying from the light
I always loved the night
And now you offer me eternal darkness
Verse 5
I have to believe that sin
Can make a better man
It's the mood that I am in
That's left us back where we began
Verse 6
[Chorus x 2]

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