Locked-IN (Freestyle)

Locked-IN (Freestyle) Lyrics Meanings
by Dev Dinero


Locked-IN (Freestyle) Lyrics

First thing first, My God is real no superstition
He unlocked my doors, This push to start, keyless ignition (Foreign)
Eating straight produce, How I gotta make it (Huuuh)
Playing hop scotch, The way a nigga in and out in and out the matrix

She saw my hand some ass, And said oh my goodness gracious (Damn daddy)
Beginning stages, super impatient. Same outcome in different situations (Winning)
Think it's a game, well I guess we playing Simon says

Shinning like the light that's anytime given time of day (Bright)
I'm in my own lane, that's why my diamonds paved
A thousand for my belt, I'm a heavy weight
Double that on the trainers the way I levitate

Keep a small circle, that way the bezel don't break
I don't do the beef, let the crypto currency stake
Shirt full of Fs, couldn't Fail to prepare
A shadow of myself, so I had to lead the way

I hope you heard me man, if you didn't
Open your eye

This good guy, never finish last (Gold Medal)
My bitch bad, I'm Ying and she Yang (Bling)
She wanna fix me a plate after she do me in
Rest and relaxation, the back of a Cullinan

Came in unannounced, everybody knew it was him
Melanin worth more than Gold, I'm looking super saiyan
Gravity's the only thing that hold down the nation
Way pass drip, this precipitation

Had to call an Uber, I was going crazy
Chasing a bag, couldn't be out here looking lazy
Tired of the bullshit, dressed in army fatigue
They couldn't stand my ass so they had to conseat (Huuuh)

Don't get it confused, abundance is greed
Real between the lines, keep an iron for seems
I had learned my lesson, but still win regardless
Even if I was homeless, still wouldn't beg your pardon

Yea man
I know you heard me then for sure
It go hard work beat talent when the talent Don't work hard
Fab said that
Life's Fabulous

Third eye open, I'm feeling optimistic
I could speak braille, the message's cryptic
I got 9 life's so you know I'm a lion
Only time we slide is when they try slide on Zion

Where my dogs at, Rest In Peace to X
Only time you see me sweat is when I chase a check
Couldn't afford, I ain't had no regrets
Getting everything due, I had to pay them debts

Getting it since high school, came up off minimum wage
God the bless the day he let me out my cage
Member I'm super saiyan, well this a different stage
They the ones who teach us to live with all this f*cking rage

Keep doing what you doing, never know who you motivate (Keep going)
God always on time you never running late (Huuuh)
Watering these bands, growing this birthday cake
I even got everything that it couldn't take

Yea man, and that's a wrap
No Pun

Writer(s): Devyn Tanwing
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid, Songtrust Ave
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Locked-IN (Freestyle) Meanings

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