Dizzee Rascal  Pepper, Pepper Scream cover

by (Feat. & Pepper)
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Verse 1
Today's the greatest day of my life
Today they're gonna know I'm a star
They better know I ain't having a bar
I'm gonna take it to the next level foot on the pedal
I'm goin' for the gold medal got my hand on my heart
And I swear down I'm gonna go hard
Until I'm dearly departed, I'm so excited
I think it's bout time I had a little celebration and you're all invited
I couldn't give a damn not even the slightest
My swags on point and my flows the tightest
I'll never sell my soul god helped me write this
Plus I know what a fight is
I been through the struggle
In and out of trouble
Couple of close calls
But you can't hear the pain anymore in my vocals
It ain't even because of the pro tools
In total I feel so complete with life its sweet
You gotta scream
Verse 2
Scream it from your heart
Feel it from your soul
Scream it from your heart, if you mean it
Feel it from your heart
Scream it from your soul
Feel it from your heart, if you need it
Verse 3
I feel like rocky on the steps
I coulda drowned in the blood and the sweat
But instead I show the world I don't pet
A world wide athletic champion on deck
Nobody can't mess with my rep
Nah I'm a seasoned vet
And I'm the best I'm as good as it gets
I'm the champion now
So I don't care who they call next
I've earned my respect
Now they're loving the way I flex
Run up in the offices they're writing a major check
So it doesn't matter about the butterflies in my solar plex
Never the nervous wreck, cool and calm
Keep sharp and focused and stay out of harm
Plus I can't be rocked
You know I'm far too hot to be given the drop
Stay better then I'm never gonna give up the top spot
I'm keeping the spot locked
I'm throwing the keys now everybody sing with me, scream
Verse 4
Scream it from your heart
Feel it from your soul
Scream it from your heart
If you mean it (scream)
Feel it from your heart
Scream it from your soul
Feel it from your heart
If you need it, ha ha ah, ha ha ah
Verse 5
Boy it's lonely at the top
But it's overcrowded at the bottom
And where I come from's overly rotten
I'm from the east side I ain't forgotten
But it's bigger than that
World wide peoples livin' is wack
It's bigger than grime and bigger than rap
People living in crap
No fresh water out of the tap
Plus they're being attacked what kinda living is that
Look anywhere in the map
Too many young boys stuck in the trap
Too many young boys running round strapped, ready to clap
Too many young girls fall in the gap
They're fallin' for chat from dumb cats that need to fall back
Think about life cause there ain't no re run
No DVD no second season
When you're the future flame maybe you could be one
Till then let chorus be sung, scream

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