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Grand Theft Audio
by (Feat. , & )
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Grand Theft Audio Lyrics

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Verse 1
And already, platinum posters and plaques
I don't write, I speak what I feel
And pop off po's dog, I don't need a reason to kill
I'm like two weeks from a deal, like two G's from a mil
Right hand, few feet from the steel
Verse 2
They wonder how I flow so strong
'Cause I live what I spit, my smallest hammer is a four four long
I spit pain rap, when Cain clap, duck for cover
Hot hanger, torch ya girl, and pluck ya mother
Verse 3
Always ready to clash wit Titans
And the princesses is in my watch, look like a flash of lightning
Same box, I got for the gun, you stash ya ice in
Make niggas sell they soul and cash they life in
Verse 4
People's choice
Don't forget Desert Storm
My man Kah, Paul Cain, Fabolous, Joe Buddens
Fat shout
Verse 5
Varcity clothing line
My man James A.D.
Desert Storm, mixtape, Volume 1 Blok Party
You know
Verse 6

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