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The Official
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The Official Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Now I want everybody to clap your in this place
Come on!
Verse 2
Yea, tell me something good baby
Cause I sho' got something good for you
I wanna bring to you, (Yea) My Nigga!
J Dilla one of the most slept on (ok!)
Patta Tay, Patta Tay
I'mma sign yo pitty on the runney kine!
And pass it to my man
Verse 3
J Dilla
Verse 4
Get it, Poppin of from the bottles to the collars
Clap hands, nigga Get live with your mans nigga
It's thee Official hands in the air let me see them wrist glow
Turn me up another notch in your system
You say you want the hot shit then listen
Madlib and J Deezy
Doin it like we doing it for tv
And you don't wanna change the dial
World premier niggas rearrange your styles
Should have never been allowed in the game
All yall fake gangsters out
We shut it down like the enemy
I know all my real niggas feeling me
Verse 5
Time for some real niggas in the game
It's, The Official
Verse 6
Who let Mad and Dilla in the gate
It's Thee Official
Verse 7
Bringin that shit since back in the days
It's the Official
Verse 8
Verse 9
Out we the old and in with the new shit
Quick to tighten the faces
Of niggas who catch cases of loose lips
Shut tit up shut tit up!
Or see some real live nigga nuttin up!
And I don't be around the way
Like I used to I don't have time these days
I keeping busy makin power moves
I don't fuck wit them coward dudes
I keeps it bouncing when the P.I's wanna
Wish for death, Im C. Bronson
It's whatever its however you l
Think a nigga trying to move ahead of you then you right
We gon take this back, nigga
You already know, Jay spit that
It's Official
Verse 10
Time for some real niggas in the game
It's Official
Verse 11
Who let Mad and Dilla in the gate
It's the Official
Verse 12
Bringing that shit since back in the days
It's the official

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