DJ Jean, Ultra Naté Automatic cover

by DJ Jean & Ultra Naté

Automatic Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Look what you're doing to me
I'm utterly at your whim
All of my defenses down
Your camera looks through me
With its X-ray vision
And all systems run aground
All I can manage to push from my lips
Is a stream of absurdities
Verse 2
Every word I intended to speak
Wind up locked in the circuitry
Verse 0
No way to control it
It's totally automatic
Whenever you're around
I'm walking blindfolded
Completely automatic
All of my systems are down
Down, down, down
Verse 3
What is this madness
That makes my motor run
And my legs too weak to stand?
I go from sadness
To exhilaration
Like a robot at your command
My hands perspire and shake like a leaf
Up and down goes my temperature
I summon doctors to get some relief
But they tell me there is no cure
They tell me...
Verse 4

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