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La la Land
by DJ Mea
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Verse 1
I've been the one to party, until the end.
Looking for the after party to begin
Verse 2
I'm going down toâ?¦La La land.
I hope to see you soon inâ?¦La La Land.
Verse 3
Verse 4
Something 'bout those little pills, unreal, the thrills, they yield, until they kill a million braincells (2x)
Verse 5
Now I need to go. Who's going to give me a ride to the aftershow (me!!!),
I hope that I have enough change, so I can make my brain rearrange
Verse 6
I'm going down toâ?¦La La Land,
I hope to see you soon inâ?¦La La Land
Verse 7
Ohhhh, what have I done,
What happened to the mornin.
I passed the time away, high today!
Verse 8
(I've got to find a way to fill the space in time (7x), I've got to fill the space)
Verse 9
Verse 10
La La land
Is where I need to be,
La La Land,
Is the place that (ah) sets me free
Verse 11
Chorus (4x)
Verse 12
(La la land, la la land, la la land, la la land)
Verse 13
Has anybody seen my brain today? (hey?)
Can anybody pay my rent today? (hey?)

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