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My Life Lyrics

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Verse 1
Verse 2
DJ Screw
A mufucka wonder what I'll do
Kill you bitch, pop-pop a lot
Youth or ancient, what's the deal?
Southside it's a new era, knoimsayin?
Put you on your boy's mind, real shit
Know what I'm talkin about?
Verse 3
[DJ Screw - Verse 1]
Nobody seems to understand that my brain ain't stable
They got me out on a ledge, feel like I'm fallin off the edge
It ain't no fable, it's re-ali-ty
Feel like I'll move an your fizzin
they're tryin to tackle me, that's why I keep up the business
So relative or stranger, better keep yo' distance
I can't determine friend from foe so you in danger
Chemical inbalances of the weed and cocaine
But it really don't matter to society
A nigga that got no face an no name
Deservin more, but I'ma move until I ain't got nothin left
An the only thing that's promised to me is more povert and death
'cause there's some niggaz lookin for me an they might be near
And if they kill me don't shed a tear, Remember I'm a heavy here
Even still, gotta keep my eyes on the prize
Although my vision is blurry I'm losing life in a hurry
Even my girlfriend don't understand
Don't want her to witness the wicked
so please find yourself another man... haters feel me
Verse 4
[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Forgotten in the struggllle
Livin to shine
Verse 5
[Verse 1 - screwed and chopped]
Verse 6
[DJ Screw - Verse 2]
Opposition and proposition is schemin for cash
And if you bitches is scandilous, I get mad at ya
So I alleviate the pressure, don't try to run
I guarantee the slugs'll catch ya (hahahaha)
Oh yea, I keep some problem solvers
I'll pistol-whip my automatic and revolver, check it
An I'm a, "hello bab-ay", it's in my nature
This a must it ain't a maybe p.k.
The feds takin pictures and tappin my phones
But if I catch you bitches snitchin best believe me it's on
I analyze an visualize to open fire on bitches
And if I catch you bastards asleep I'm leavin bodies in ditches (huh?)
I'll bet they ask a bastard: "feel like spendin a long one in a casket?"
check it
Niggaz bustin your ass, all I'll give you's a ski mask
Bustin shots from my Rolles, tryin to make your car crash (feel me)
... This is MY LIFE
Verse 7
Verse 8
[Verse 2 - screwed and chopped]
Verse 9
[DJ Screw - Verse 3]
Everybody think I love keepin impulsive pride tappin
But I know they wouldn't give a fuck about me if there wasn't no money in rappin
See I know they want to get rich off of me, understand
Even if I was to die I would still rep talk, they'd still put a mic in my hand
Quit tryin to cover my style of life, pretendin like they from my block
But I survive from willin to live while they depend on war and talk
Before you make your move, check yourself and give 'er in front of me
Even if lyrical strugglin, adjust your ticket 'cause you know how dead your gonna be
There's gon' be a dentist to see
When a nigga be screamin and hollarin "I'm yo' Godfather"
But I guess it's just the menace in me
Plus, the only nigga that's keepin me from clickin is Herman Fisher
We don't care 'cause to kid us he'll get us a drink and infinite burnin swishers
Why they want to play with my life? they got families, nigga I don't
The only thing between me an them hoes is I'ma keep thuggin they timid ass home
But they mind they own goddamn business, and keep theyself outta mine
Because of a thin line between livin they business and boo-yah!
Caught with the nine baby
Verse 10
[Chorus] - 2X

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