LaVar Ball

LaVar Ball Lyrics Meanings
by DomKing


LaVar Ball Lyrics


First Take
No Skip Bayless

Ay f'real I give a fuck how you feel
I want my bitch like the bitch from Kill Bill
Fuck a deal Lavar Ball worth a 'bill
I'm worth a 'bill plus I'm willing to kill
Any mothafucka in the way of my meal
And I cant stop stressin' even when I chill
Even when it's real niggas switch on ya ill
Man I'm high as fuck ready to cuff up
Bitch dont give a fuck give a fuck if I fuck up
Bitch I'm the plug give a fuck if the world over
I can't take shit when my life over
So I smoke weed like I got glaucoma
And cataract pat me on the back
Then put ya knife in
Watch the fall of a titan
They think I might win so they my friends
But if I lose misey never ends
You're better off in a diaper - Depends
We smokin' and smokin' and smokin' and smokin'
It's like I jumped head first into the ocean
Face to face with a shark
They look you in your eyes and eat ya heart
I told yall Dom King makin' art
And when I aim like I'm playin' darts

Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball

We gon' ask for the money up front then ball
Diamonds flashin' like fuck y'all

Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball

No disrespectin' my jumper like Lonzo
Toledo my home and the climate so hostile
No body could handle or feel all the sorrow
My city hold within we inside a bottle
My homies be broke but be playin' the Lotto
Follow your dreams til they happen tomorrow
If you my team then we sort out the hollows
Then I thank God for the time that we borrow
Ay I'm in a sprint like a grand prix'
I'm on that shit like a fly they can't stand me
Young man got liquor in his cantene
Young man fist high like Kaepernick
Told me give up but I'm adamant
Any hate my ways like my catalyst
Yo you dont still think we cant do it? Still winnin' not losin'
Mothafucka get used to it

Writer(s): Dominique King
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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