Turn To Dust

Turn To Dust Lyrics Meanings
by Doug Molett


Turn To Dust Lyrics

Feeling peachy
Call me Kodak
Take a picture
Make it vivid
Like a color
How I'm poppin
Can't you see me
The new one
In the industry
Make noise
Like an ochestry
Conduct myself
Unpolitely on the beat
With raw styles
Like sushi
Roll it up
Sorry if I'm
Being blunt
On the hunt
Like Elmer Fudd
Grew up in the mudd
Time to wash the dirt
Moving swiftly like a scud
Blowing up
In my head
With anxiety
Anxiously taking my time
Patiently waiting
Like I'm 50 cent
For my chance to
Assinate the track
You can count on me
To verbally
Assault any beat you put
In front of me
While I make a masterpiece
Like Picasso
Watch me paint
Pure platinum
Treat myself like
A mountain
Y'all can't reach
My peak
Only the elite
Can join my quest
I'm in the lead
Go take a rest

I was down
Now im up
Fuck with me
Snap my fingers
Turn to dust

Gotta love for Mary Jane
Like I'm Spider-Man
Flyin by dropping bombs
Like green goblin
Come at ya in venomous
Biting heads off
If you get in my way
Homocide on my mind
On the hunt
Grab the gun
Load it up
Bullets are aligned
Combined with stones
Infinity designed
To perform a task
So divine
And abrupt

I was down
Now im up
Fuck with me
Snap my fingers
Turn to dust

Cold on this mic
Like the soldier frozen in time
But no winter
Blocking the hate
Like a vibranium shield
Slashing through
Like I'm black panther
On my king shit
Jump in
Slide in
Shocking the crowd
Like black widow
Knock 'em down
Keeping my eyes open
Watch me swing through
Ya town
Like Peter Parker
No quinjet
You can tell
By my silhouette
That I mean business
Like tony stark
I keep inventin
A new condition
Dealing with the past
Call me Steve
Check the broadcast
Rodger up
Get blasted
I see scarlett
Liquid flowing like a river
War marchine
I got the missile
Showing you the power
Like a titan
Killing is a passion
When I'm on the track
I feel at home
Like I'm Clint
My words will fly
Like darts
On the billboard top spot
Creating mischief
Like I'm the rightful heir of
I'm a Giant
In the booth
Causing mayhem
Like I'm hulk
Smoking green and purple
Purchase it in bulk
As I levitate
Like a wizard
Showing you the strange
Taking one chance
Watching grown men cry
Like the blip
Half ya family
Can go for a trip
In time and space
Galaxies away
Catch me ravaging
Like I'm rocket
Fly out the atmosphere
Glowing in the
Darkest times
Like the tesseract
Gave me powers
Shooting plasma beams
Call me carol Danvers
You cant knock me down
You're meant to lose
Come up short
With the suit malfunction
Like Ant man
Fighting the corruption
While I cause damage
And destruction

I was down
Now im up
Fuck with me
Snap my fingers
Turn to dust

Writer(s): Douglas Molett
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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