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Tell Your Friends
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Verse 1
[Drag talking]
Yah, I'm back niggaz
Ha Ha why'all don't think the kid gonna come back why'all crazy
Verse 2
I rock a Burberry hood, my hood is very hood
My gat is solid metal, my bat is heavy wood
Drag is under rated, my coke is heavy weighted
Why'all want to be a blood, well that's wut I'ma soak your face in
Verse 3
Coughin' up blood, I soften up thugs I make a nigga show me love or throw me slugs
I'm in the club with groupies, and groups of threes So getting ran up on the block by a group of Dee's
I've been shot three movies, my deal comin soon I'm past sellin crack I got pills comin soon
Verse 4
And I'm not no dancer, my moms got cancer
So I ain't celebrating shit, until these doctors get the answer
Prolly never get a Grammy never get an Oscar But I got a twelve foot fish tank with Piranhas and Oscar's
Verse 5
I ain't gonna ask who shot ya, nine times out of the ten I know who did
I know your bitch, get at 'em Kiss
Verse 6
[Chorus: x 2]
Tell your friends, I'm a tell your friends (my friends)
We can be friends, on the weekends (be friends)
You know the ladies love gangstas with paper (weekend)
Especially when your team wining like the Lakers
Verse 7
Fall back respect, learn how to love a nigga
You only alive, on strength of another nigga
I've been nice all my F'in life
A big house I only slept in twice
Verse 8
Rhymes so dope, that it should be kept in rice
The mistakes I've made, shall be corrected in my second life
Nigga I be in the booth relaxed, I seduced the track
And beat it up like I produced the track
Verse 9
So another line bout a gun motherfucker
And I'm a pass one to you, blast one through you
You don't got adrenaline, ass run through you
I run through cash, cash run through you
Verse 10
I could do the job myself, only way I prolly ever be broke if I rob myself
I don't know whats worse a hate or a fag
Double are D-Block daddy, Jada and Drag
Verse 11
[Chorus: x 2]
Verse 12
I was hated by many, loved by few
But respected by all, so fuck all why'all
Why'all doubted my skills, I never relied on this deal
I don't give a fuck what why'all feel, foreal foreal
Verse 13
This rap shit is nothing but fake love, alotta fake hugs
I rather go do a jook's , to feed my thugs
'Cause I could look through a nigga, like a glass shield
See he ain't real, my flow is like acid pills or pcp I'm like Morgan Freeman,
Verse 14
The way I make tracks lean on me
I got a house my walls is plush, my floor is plush
Drugs by the barrel, in case it all get flushed
Spring is back, along with Drag
Verse 15
I just coped a light jacket and the longest Jag
I'm who you nigga love to hate, but glad I'm back
Why'all heard X is retiring, but Drag is back
Verse 16
Tell your friends, I'ma tell your friends (my friends)
We can be friends, on the weekends (be friends)
You know the ladies love gangstas with paper (weekend)

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