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by Dre


Mergin' Lyrics

I rap a lot
I'm gifting out these bars cuz the presence worth a lot
Then I'll split with the guys like they are all I got
And I know them boys is shady yea I know sun is blocked
But I'll give y'all all I got like approached with Glock
Though Tweezy keep that thing tuck
So watch how you get buck
Feel like a mill when I'm walking
Watch how you talking
Boys keep barking
Cuz they made
Yea fill in the blank
I'm as ill as you think
Seem like all these boys gassed but got nothing in the tank
Flow harder than tanks
I can't afford to tank
Claiming that shooters but be shooting them blanks
All this fact love y'all should walk the plank
When I rap don't blink
182 ways I can get it
Gladly smile at my critics
Is it cuz the pigment
Or mad cuz they weren't blessed with the art of spittin'
Spittin' like delinquents
Flow let it sink in
Connected with the beat with the lines that are syncing
I'm going off the deep
I pack cheese, its in my genes to hustle
Can't rock no belts
Can't buckle
Shout my momma I love you
You raised three on your own I feel most would fold
My mind still bouncing of the walls it need a padded room
Now please give me space like a twin in the womb
like a twin in the

Everyday I wake up
I gotta get this cake up
Yea it sound good, but the money it'll change yuh
Friends seem like strangers
Your demons they befriend yuh
Doing all this praying but you'll never see an angel
Sleeping on myself and I think its time to wake
He not gone wake
I think it's time to wake
Think it's time to
I think it's time to wake
I think it's time to

I bend bars like Z's
So don't you sleep on me
I drive at whole different speeds
That's why I'm paving a way
Construction all in y'all lane
Y'all boys tweakin' you lame
Y'all out here faking the pain
Is this the price of fame
I do not like that exchange
I'm tired of hearing bout change
These people way out of pocket talking about knowledge they lent
I think my mental spent
I can't afford the rent
I think it's time to get bent
I hope this liquor it hits
My boys is blazing a spliff
look at me right in my eyes
You really telling me lies
You scared of shaking my pride
I got my sins on shuffle
I'm hoping God gone reply
These phonies
These phonies
These phonies thorns in my side

He telling me to get my cake up
He telling me to get my cake up
Bet he sneeze and his watch buss
She telling me to get my cake up
That onlyfans got you brave huh
She telling me to get my cake
He telling me to get my cake up
But won't survive without that gram huh

Writer(s): Aundre Jackson
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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