Drowning Pool I Am cover

I Am
by Drowning Pool
Lyrics and Meaning

Feb 25, 2002

I Am Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I've never felt so alive
I've never had to run and hide
The things I want I cannot have
The things I need are all so bad
What you say
Verse 2
I could've been
I am
You could've been
You are
Verse 3
My best excuse is that I'm drained
From everything that keeps me sane
My sickness keeps me in control
From everything you'll never know
Verse 4
Does is make you happy
Does it make you mad
Why am I still laughing
Look at what you had
Verse 5
Does it make you feel good
Does it make you sick
That you knew that I would
Be the one to trip
Verse 6
No control

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