Drowning Pool Reminded cover

by Drowning Pool
Lyrics and Meaning

Feb 25, 2002

Reminded Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Down too long like I was before
And I've never thought I'd see the day
Can't be wrong 'cause I know the score
And I guess there is no other way
Verse 2
Reminded of you
Verse 3
There it is all in black and white
And it looks like that's the way it goes
Doesn't matter if it's wrong or right
'Cause by now I'm sure that I know
Verse 4
Never felt so undecided
Everything I've ever had has been taken away
Little boy so scared and frightened
All of the things that have happened
I'm surely to blame
Verse 5
Accept your fate then you'll be well
But the truth is that it never ends
You can say that you've been through hell
But you'll always lose another friend
Verse 6
Never felt so unimportant
Everything I've ever said has been taken in vain
Little girl so scared and frightened
All of the things that I do are still
Subject to change

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