Drowning Pool Sermon cover

by Drowning Pool
Lyrics and Meaning

Feb 25, 2002

Sermon Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Where was god
When I needed a friend
Where was god
When I came to an end
Where was god
When I lost my mind
Where was god
When I couldn't find
Verse 2
Don't want to be up or down
Verse 3
Where was love
When I felt like hate
Where was hate
When I felt like love
Where were you
When you said you'd be there
Where was the fear
When I said I was scared
Verse 4
Tell me what you believe
I'll tell you
What you should see
'Cause I don't know
Who to trust
My heart is filled with disgust
Verse 5
I can't take this
Verse 6
Ladies and gentlemen
May I have your attention
Are you ready for the joke
Are you ready for the
Great deception

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