Duane Thompson, A.D. Scott We Gone Be Fine (feat. Duane Thompson) cover

We Gone Be Fine (feat. Duane Thompson)
by Duane Thompson & A.D. Scott
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Verse 1
Somebody asked me why I wrote this song
I did it for the mothers that don't want to be alone
And them kids trying to run away from home
To get away from their pops because they just don't get along
And them cheerleaders, who know they hate it
Still Try out but they pray they don't make it
Or the artist that grew up poor, had so much skill but
Can't afford to record
I do it for the guy with so much on his plate
That gets a text from his ex of her saying shes late
The same girl that's knocked up from all the creepin'
Who has to give it up because she can't afford to keep it
Can't ignore these secrets, some kids have dreams
Sometimes, same kids never see sixteen, so I do it
For every victim of the cancer, so much money, still no answers
Verse 2
What you say, What you say?
What you say, What you say?
Say neighbor (neighbor)
We gone be fine (we gone be fine)
Verse 3
And for that boy who loves to dress up
But his parents don't accept him tell him he messed up
And for that girl who never makes a sound
Cause she fails to be noticed but truly wants to be found
And for the grad just trying to make it
It never works out, so he smiles, fakes it
And for my brothers overseas, playing in the sand
Cause they can't afford a degree, I do it for the
For the father, that gets laid off so
Now that light bill never gets paid off
Or that mother with no time for her kids
Because she works three jobs and can't afford to quit
Or that war kid, who's only real deepest fear is finding out
The reason why god decides to keep him here
They lose faith being told to hold on cause
They can't help but feel they been holding for so
Verse 4
What you say, What you say?
What you say, What you say?
Say neighbor (neighbor)
We gone be fine (we gone be fine)

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