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Feels So Good
by Dwele
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Jun 24, 2008

Feels So Good Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I know (I know)
Feel so (feel so)
Feel so (feel so)
Good baby
Got to (got to)
Let the (let the)
Move your (move your)
Body baby
Verse 2
When the needle hits we don't want no crowd vexin'
This records only, only for the cool section
Its just like sex, except we don't need no damn protection
Too feel the groove and move your booty
Verse 3
Lets get down
Show me your step (step)
And don't hold back baby
Ill will show you mines
But mines is a little shady
This groove might make me
Learn how to dance maybe
If you promise me to step with me
But hold on, gotta let it breathe
Verse 0
I know (I know)
Feel so (feel so)
Feel so (feel so)
Good baby
Got to (got to)
Let the (let the)
Move your (move your)
Body baby
You know I
Need you (need you)
By my side baby
Just move with me
From left to
Right baby
Verse 4
Its a lot goin' on but you lookin' fly baby
That drink you holdin' keep it in the sky, please!
I paid way to much for you to be lettin it fly
Just hold on tighter the next one could be water
Or maybe juice cause you got me crazy on the floor
This I ain't used to, but im not ashamed to ask for more
Its almost deuces, before long they'll be closing doors
But I feel so good I might have to take you home
Verse 5
We go from the crib alone
To give up all body and soul
When it feels good baby
And when its time to dance
We can all hold hands and let go!
Verse 6
Verse 7
[Repeat: x8]
Feels so good I know
Verse 8
[Chorus: x2]

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