Intro/Zoned Lyrics Meanings
by E Leddo


Intro/Zoned Lyrics

They say I'm blessed with a gift and that'll get me by
Soon as I make it out this shit them haters wonder why
Ignorance is the main reason why I stay away from them fools
That think they closer to God when they slide
Na, they goin bout it all the wrong way
He bless the people that work hard to see another day
The people who could care less about what you say
The people willing to work they ass off for no pay
No strays, no pain, you need people to work hard for your campaign
Hustle everyday by any means necessary
Giving your all to see another year in January
Mama told me give him thanks for everything that he does
So I'ma say I'm thankful lord just for waking me up
Fasholy giving back to one's who was showing me love
I know I'ma be on top cause I'ma never give up
I think it's time for me to let you know
Come over here and get a whiff of legendary flow
Now let your seat back go ahead and just relax your mind
I'm stating facts not once but every single time
No time to relax, I think I'm bout to relax, my words is flowing through your mind
Go ahead and kick your feet back
Take your shoes off relax your feet
It feels good to be zoned when you reside in peace

As I lay it down thinking bout the shot that I be on
Roll up the dro so we can pass the time along
Light it up, take a couple hits and we be zoned
Light it up, take a couple hits and we be zoned
It gets lonely at the top I'm sitting on my throne
You feeling loaded go on listen to my song
Light it up, take a couple hits and we be zoned
Light it up, take a couple hits and we be zoned

I'm feeling so fresh I gotta keep myself clean
That's why everyday I wake up I get on my knees
I hope I get to see the day my son born please
I'ma teach him all the things my father taught me
That's a man who worked hard every single day
Hustled and struggled for everything we have today
Through time I realized what he went through
And that's why I say I'm blessed to have a dad like you
Mama always used to tell me son you could do anything you put your mind to
And yeah that was true stuck to me just like glue
One day my kids will love me just like I love you, truth

Writer(s): Eric Mahan
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Intro/Zoned Meanings

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