Ed Sheeran Nightmares - + Random Impulse + Sway + Wretch 32 cover

Nightmares - + Random Impulse + Sway + Wretch 32

Jan 1, 2004

Nightmares - + Random Impulse + Sway + Wretch 32 Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
They tell me you can only dream when you fell asleep
But now I'm working to achieve, but sleep is the only thing I never see
And I vowed that my breathing with never cease
To the retrieve then I can't let them be
I won't let 'em leave and I had the same feeling since 17
But I wasn't ready then like a lemon screen?
Now I'm in the magazines almost every week,
Cause I'm getting heat like in Tenerife,
Right now it's better than it's never been
Never fade like a plant that's evergreen
So I hope to my heart, but my self doubts are getting me,
Afraid for my cross, getting dump for the day and I'm getting weak,
Cause I'm new, I'm that boy that starts it.
They chase dreams together like a slumber party,
And now I'm on my own, even though I'm smooth sailing
I'm scared to sing, cause my nightmare is fading.
Verse 0
When the darkness creeps in,
I feel my nightmares watching me.
And when my dreams are sleeping,
I feel my nightmares watching me.
Oh, oh, oh!
I feel my nightmares watching me.
Watching me!
Verse 2
You better wake up cause I am making moves,
And even when I'm dozing I'm breaking rooms,
I'm only hitting the sack when I'm training,
Too busy trying to keep up with the latest snooze.
Made my bed and that's where I'm heading,
I fly straight with the best man I embed 'em
Married to the game was a quiet wedding, then I had to fight to get her
Now I'm taking control of my inception,
cause they try to hit misses with my direction,
See they better marry donna cause when I strike, strike,
Not even Maradonna is gonna cry, I'm awake at night,
The haters know where the family lives,
Tell me what I catch, but you're playing knock door ginger.
Just gonna lose a lot more, than I need it.
They say sleep is the cause of death,
But I hear shit because I am deaf
Gang signs I'm N/A reading.
I'm a CEO, man you suckers are next.
Verse 3
Let me go!
I fell asleep on sofa, walk up in reality,
And daydream about losing my sanity.
I've been rhyming forever got a blind flow.
So I can see an off note with my eyes closed.
But to achieve the dreams you can't doze off cos your dream a sleep
I ain't nodding off but I'm nodding to the beat.
I be shocking in my sheets, when I should have been asleep.
See, all the dreams I'm fonder,
You placed me in the team insomnia
Now, I Mr hard worker,
In my nightmares I Mr can't turn up,
And I missed my chance worst luck,
Trying to hit women I Mr I turn up
Yeah, and I walked from ish,
thinking it will put me to rest on my mattress

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