Chase the Case

Chase the Case Lyrics Meanings
by Emcee Graffiti


Chase the Case Lyrics

I wake early in the morning, find a note, maybe a warning
Of a lover's former glory, the corpse of a horrid story
Like an over flowing porcelain opening from the corner of
My eyes, to my surprise the saline started forming
But, blinking away the water, I'm partial to seeing farther
Than what is in front of me, probably 'cause I'm in another
Plane of existence, I'm livid with learning of her intentions
To slip in a hidden visit with a kid that she isn't friends with
Now maybe I'm over thinking, or overly-analyzing
The message displayed on the screen of her only home device
And I could be completely paranoid, daring to give my heart away
Barely would have a thought if it wasn't already clear as day
Months in the making, carefully dancing around the barriers
Barely make any contact, and conflict is just unbearable
Parallel to the the pair I knew, more than a couple years ago
What happened, now you're terrible, marry you? I could never do it

Now I'm asking myself... Should I retaliate, or wait
Or maybe act like nothing happened, and pretend like everything is
Better than it's ever been so I will never really wake again
Caught in a dream where everything is perfectly in harmony
But part of me... Needs to chase the case
And grace her face with a kissing fist of hate
But this innate emotion needs to go away
I'm grown, she's safe, I need a smoke so pour a drink

Now after a couple drinks I started thinking cloudy clear
She's outta here, I'm downing a bottle before I pound the beers
I'm not a cavalier, or a cowardly lion
Fire in the dark of my eye lids n I'm ready to start the wylin
'Cause I'm sick of holding back, and I'm sick of being silent
Feelin fickle with the facts that were written in the mind of a
Maniac with the patience of leviathan, admire it
I'm tired of the liar that's lying within the spot I rest

Writer(s): Jason Williams
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Chase the Case Meanings

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