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The Road
by Emmylou Harris
Lyrics and Meaning

Apr 26, 2011

The Road Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I can still remember
Every song you played
Long ago when we were younger
And we'd rock the night away
How could I see your future then
Where you would not grow old
With such a fire in our bellies
Such a hunger in our souls.
Verse 2
I guess I probably loved you
When those words rolled off your tongue
It seemed that we were travelin'
Under some ol' lucky sun
Verse 3
I know I couldn't save you
And no one was to blame
But the road we shared together once
Will never be the same
Verse 4
Hey, hey gonna fly away
Won't be coming round today
Hey, hey with a song I pray
And on the wings of a song I'll fly away.
Verse 5
I wandered in the wilderness
For a while I was so lost
To everything there is a season
And every blessing has it's cost
So I took what you left me
And put it to some use
Went looking for an answer
With those three cords and the truth
Verse 6
I come down from the mountain
I come walkin' in your shoes
I was taken for a gambler
When I had no more to lose
Verse 7
'Cause you put me on that pathway
How could I refuse?
And I spend my whole life out here
Workin' on the blues
Verse 8
So I carried on.
You can't be haunted by the past.
People come and people go.
And nothing ever lasts.
But I still think about you
Wonder where you are
Can you see me from some place
Up there among the stars
Verse 9
But down here under heaven
There never was a chart
To guide our way across
This crooked highway of the heart
And if it's only all about
The journey in the end
On that road I'm glad I came to know
My old friend.
Verse 10
Gone away
Won't be coming round again
With a song I pray
And on the wings of a song
I'll fly away
I'll fly away
I'll fly away

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