Esham Love cover


Sep 9, 2008

Love Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Yeah, yeah, I know you wit' her and you all in love
What am I supposed to do, congratulate you?
How you in love wit her, when every thug hit her
Just met her off a lap dance now you babysit her
And get her everything she need
From pills to weed
Bite into the forbidden fruit like Adam and Eve
I can't believe you all in, when the snake bitch crawlin'
Watch her slither, body glitter
I know you did her, you was wit' her when she shed her skin
She gave you head again to make sure the venom sunk in
Poison, she fucked all your boys and brought the sex toys in
Vibrators, she said she was a dick hater
She didn't want you to fuck her, just masturbate her
Now you in love wit' the hoe
Verse 2
You in love wit' that hoe [11x]
Verse 3
Now this is some sick shit said
I'm smackin' bitches wit my dick head
And yellin' 'all tricks dead'
And if you paid for the pussy ain't nothin' wrong
To her you just anotha nigga pealin' off ya Sean Jones
This hoe love pullin' down jabodes
Behind closed doors, niggaz ready to bust those
But some niggaz be like 'I love you'
We like 'Fuck you dyke, suck a pussy too'
The bitch is raw, I mean yo bitch is raw
Sucked the milkshake straight out the straw
Flippin' up outta her drawers like Dominique Dawes
Now you runnin' round tellin' niggaz she all yours
Verse 4
Verse 5
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
How you love that hoe when you know what she is
Got five baby daddies and eight different kids
Her last man did a bid for some shit that stank bitch did
Now she pregnant wit' your kid so you wish you slid
Last week you said you loved her and you can't get ridda her
This week she gave you crabs and gave your ass Cymatia
Fuck you Ms. Jackson, I still don't pity ya
Bitches lie and suck dick after dick
And still some niggaz can't cope wit' it
And be like...
'I love you, I need you'
Fuck that!
'You my girl, you my girl, fuck whatchu niggaz say, man'
Fake ass niggaz! You punks, you niggaz should have pussies
Instead of dicks! And that's all you fake niggaz!

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