Eternal Trip I Believe So cover

I Believe So
by Eternal Trip

Oct 25, 2013

I Believe So Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Don't turn around today
I'll keep reality away
I'll shelter evil from your eyes
I'll be a product of a dedication
To your worth, and heart location
Giving you a happier life.
Further down the road
I swear you're gonna learn
It takes TWO to be a couple in Love.
Hidden in a broken shadow of regret,
I am here when you have taken enough.
Verse 2
It'll take a while
For you to see
You are Beautiful without him
You are given your pride, and I do BELIEVE in you. (X2)
Verse 3
Are you happy?
Your better alone
I can see your ability..
To be strong, and motivated
You have shown
He's providing insecurities.
A Struggle to be free -
Is commonly unknown
When a tear becomes a symbol of you
Your heart is separating for Utopia
But your body isn't ready to choose.
Verse 4
I am so full of pity,
I see through your body
It's comin to nothing
Forgetting your something
I see through the meaning
Your hidden depression
Has given a reason
To you and your critical dream
Your critical dream...
Didn't take a while
For you to see..
You are beautiful without me
You were only a waste
Of my time and energy
You were only a waste
Of my time and energy

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