Everyday Everyday [Hex Hector and Mac Quale Remix] cover

Everyday [Hex Hector and Mac Quale Remix]
by Everyday

Everyday [Hex Hector and Mac Quale Remix] Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
When I look around I cannot take for granted
Things given to me the favor I've been handed
All the miracles and wonders I have witnessed
I do not guess, I know that I am truly blessed
Verse 2
I must keep the faith, no matter what I'm seeing
'Cuz that's the key unlocking or receiving
The impossible taking place in my life
The greatest steps ascending through those higher heights
Verse 3
I got my health, I got my strength, I'm in my right mind
I still have breath so I got hope that love is on my side
And where I go I know I need not look behind me
He keeps me safe and this is something he does everyday
Verse 4

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