Shot in the Dark

Shot in the Dark Lyrics Meanings
by Evilface DJ


Shot in the Dark Lyrics

Mind is a pretzel
Bent up
Maybe from this high
That i never
Let up
Get up
My elemental mess of my life
Why cant i ever get a bless up
Watch my high rise
I rose
Sit the fuck down
If you aint gonna wise up
See me
Had to find my nose
Sniffed it all out
Get the fake ones lines up

You and you and you and you and you
Is fake
Truth will truly come through its only fate
2 times face
At the groupon rate
Get the group yall hate
Just to prove my case
Im the rude one this time
You gotta problem
Then fuck you 206 times
To the tip top
Of the hit line
Imma get mine
Eye for an eye
Make the whole world blind

To the sky
Imma ride
Get the ghost
Imma fly so invisible
Pen and roll
Take a toll
Make a mental note
Make the paper hit divisible
Started with the penny rolls
Wrap it up
And deposit it all
They hate on me
Cuz i took a shot in the dark

Dont get to deep
They cant relate
Flock to the sheep
Hop to this beat
Where the rocks pop
Sizzle and steam
Where the 9 pop
Innocent teen
Better ride by
A different street
Where the sluts walk
I walk drug talk
Im in between shit
I was a fiend when
I was a teen kid
I was 16 bitch

Better put your bars up
Step in the ring
With a beast on the mic
Im released out that prison cell
Yall better hide
I make ripleys believe it or not
Yet my skillset is growing so wide
Put my feet to the fire
My nose to the grind
Oo i beaten the latter
I grow with the climb
You keep feeding this cracker
These cold written lines
And i aim and i

I think my dad's gone crazy
I am what you day i am
This kid in lights not jay z
Yet im as ruthless as EM
Rip prof.
Rip pac.
Rip mac
Lay your head
Yall gave a route
Yall gave a path
The ones who knew
Walk through that glass
Yall feel me
Push that quill
We keep ourselves from being filthy

No more pills
Lets keep the poles all split up
Killed the doctor
Fuck you bill me
Do a donut
Peelt out, vodka shotglass
Tilt it over

Slammin it down
So the fans'll get louder
My brain'll keep pounding
Im makin you prouder
They laugh in your face
While your friends kill eachother
To sniff up an ounce of blue powder
Get that louis V
Belt strap 2 or 3
I made a mil
So fuck gratuity
You wrote a rap
Take it back to the lab
Matter fact, tear it up
Imma write that eulogy
Hearts on a train track
Song hit a vein
That ominous
Paying my homage bitch
Imma piff
Imma split
Imma dip out to the clouds
As im stacking my paper
Im building a mountain
Its back to my youth
As i drink from this fountain
Im back in the booth
And the beat can keep pounding
Im packin the truth
You keep beatin around it
Im back here to prove
That im fucking astounding
Aint no way arorund it

Writer(s): donald harris
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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