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by Exxe


Undrstnd Lyrics

I swear this year has been a killer, I mean that in both the ways
I burried some of my niggas, now being here aint the same
This world we live in is different, im young but ive seen it change
Struggled thru times hardship and dealt wit my share of pain
It seems like all my people keep on dying of heroin
Siding with theyre demons like they need em to carry on
And I just can't believe it, it don't seem its been very long
Since all of us were kids, if this a dream its a scary one
But I just can't pretend that I can manage to imagine or to know
Whats been going thru their mind or what they feel but never show
I just wish I could rewind so we could go back to before
If only just to have the time to spend again and hold you close
Cuz I can't fucking take it, this distance I can't ever break
It's got me fucking breaking, fuck the decisions that you made
You know I fucking hate them but if you heard me you'd just laugh
So if you hear me send a sign or give a hand because

I just dont understand
I just don't understand
I just don't understand
I just don't understand

Or Is it cuz the world so lonely and turned all phoney
Couldn't see the good so the bad seemed only
People never really want to care, learned slowly
Got you looking for a way to bare young homie
Cuz no ones ever hearing what youre sayin'
And soon enough you stop tryna explain
And you just wanna feel like somethings there
Or you might not make it another year
Cuz sometimes you just feel like you aint really meant to be here
You look inside the mirror and get surprised at what you see there
No you dont see a man you see a monster and to beware
The damage thats been done is far too gone to ever repair
And all you want is something that can start to fill the hole inside your heart
Now its home but still it gets so cold and lonely in the dark
In your soul you know that somethings wrong it told you from the start
Was it feeling you might be falling apart

Cuz I can understand
Yea I can understand
I can understand
Yea I can understand

Writer(s): Xavier Bradley
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Undrstnd Meanings

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