Crunch Time

Crunch Time Lyrics Meanings
by F-Note the Visionary
ft. Lil Durag


Crunch Time Lyrics

You trying to cook up what I cooked in my crib
You burn ya house down
Ain't no recipe to the sauce
You either got it down
Or got it made
Or you turning lemons into Lemonade
Alchemy at it's finest
But you just call it minute made
We ain't the same and its Obvious
I just drop the top
Like Yusei then I'm out of this
Place drop one grenade
And I'm spotting it
Play too much apex a day
To be clocking in
On the real tho
I can't wait till I quit my job
Because I signed a independent Deal
And the price is hot
But niggas steady sleeping on The talents
But wide awake for the Gimmicks
And that's okay
Cause with hard work i can get It
How I live and what not
I use to keep a gram
Of something hot
In my tube socks and
Then I would head to the Blocks
I'm talking hallways
U-city wasn't only known for The good grades
I paved a way for myself
I didn't wait for nobody help
I YouTubed everything
That got anything
To do with this genre
And now I'mma monster
No Kanye
I'm steppin with some jays
With the black swade
F-Note The Infamous
Go getta with a sharp blade
Waiting on a nigga to say
What he shouldn't say
Now I'm like andele
Hurry up get a move on
I spit so many bars
I may have just broke the Microphone
Tsunami flows
Around the whole globe
But you can hear the battle cries
Through ya earlobe
Which shows who the big Show really is
The big Gorillaz with no fear
The opposition is only a clear
Example of what I'm not finna Be
Every single word that i write
Reverses history
Ain't no response
Cause my power be infinity
So it won't repeat
Cause I'm a master chief
And i guess this is halo 3

Slick with the words
Youngin on the verge
Passion in a verse
Put a rapper in a hearse
This a gift and a curse
Might hit ya where it hurts
I'm gonna be the nigga
And my mom said it first
I don't know what's next
So I'm chasing these checks
That girl just want the best
She's a God in the flesh
Kings in my dreams
With elaborated schemes
Trynna put me on a lifestyle
I ain't never seen
Put ya hands up if you Immortal
With no intentions on falling Through a portal
That'll lead you straight back On this dimension
Stay prayed up cause you know It get demented
Like nigga we real
Don't be mad cause y'all fake
Took his bitch on a date
To this lame ass lake
Man they sat there and talked
As the Caucasians walked uh
Uncomfortably up and down the side walk
They ain't used to seeing no Shit like that
Young niggas
All up in they habitat
They like damn Sarah
They can't just sit there
Like that
On the grass
Eating snacks out of book bags
Yeah Jim i think you right
Let's call the cops
And i think i seen i knife
In that one's socks
And I ain't gotta finish story
For you to know how it go
Another brother like me popped by the 5-0

Ain't nothing gone change until we change ourself
Ain't nothing gone change until we change ourself
Ain't nothing gone change until we change ourself
Ain't nothing gone change until we change ourself

But I ain't talking bout shit tho

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