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I Got Love [Remix]
by B.R.E.T.T.
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Verse 1
I got love
(Yeah for all y'all unaware)
(Smash through, do what ya do, and what ya want to)
Gang-sta Nate
(Nate Dogg, remix with Bink)
(Doing what we wanna)
Young Got-ti
Verse 2
Ok, that's right, Ghetto! (F-A-B)
With the D-O double G, three fo' bubblies
Three fo dubs and trees
Chinky eyes, B-Low double G's
Hit three fo' clubs and breeze
The tree flow double trees
Don't speak, the deez host publicly
Dee low rubber knees, ski-o's double D's
Don't know what these broads trouble grief
For these roll double V's, please no slugs to squeeze
(F-A-B) Told you I'm a rider, but you can thank the green
For the gangsta lean, when I roll through in a rider
You looking at a "coast to coast G"
I got love, but I still stash the toaster closely
We bailing on police rides, cause Nate
Got some sticky so strong you could smell it on the Eastside
Please believe it, believe it please
You goin' see arms come out, like sleeveless T's
Verse 3
[Nate Dogg]
I got love
I got love for, my homies who be rolling with me
Play no games
Play no games cause, ain't nobody playing with me
I got love
I got love for, my niggas on my family tree
Down with the ghetto, down for whatever
If you was down before then you still goin' be down with me
Verse 4
Format ya doormat
Stomp and stampede on emcees like doormats (Yeah)
Contriceptic, unload and get swallowed like anestheptic
Step up and accept it
You wanna see the shells shift
Wiggle ya torso or make ya bottom or ya hips slip
Like a slick disc and twist
Buster boy Bobby, socking all y'all is a hobby
Got 'em lounging in the lobby
Automatic tacts automatically cause tragedies and catastrophies
Suckers! (I got love)
And all the homies round up, throw the pound up
Kurupt out to show y'all how to strut like what (I got love)
Pros, they adore me, I keep all pros lookin for me
Alive to tell this story, and I
And who am I, be the agostra Gotti
Sinatra sloss sling, soldiers
Verse 5
[Nate Dogg]
Cap-tain Save
Captain Save A, Hooker cause she hanging on me
She can't hang
She can't hang cause, I ain't looking for a wifey
Just in-case
Just in case I, better take a weapon with me
When these hoes
When these hoes get clever, down for whatever
If she stress me some more
I'll leave the heffer down in the street
Verse 6
(I got love) For chuck tailors and Converse
C'mere let's con-verse, I mean where you heard those words first
(I got blunts) .. My niggaz put in hard work
Twenty four hours and packs go like front work
(I got love) Crips and Bloods, chick who'll split'cha mugs
Same bitches that strip for bucks
(Got no love) For half these dudes spittin
Other half don't live it see.. I talk about it bitch
(I got slugs) Play Brutus, Popeye your ass, reach for my spinach
You see how I'm eating contenders
(I'm grown up) Y'all children, I'm more original
More lyrical, plus dogg,
(I got hugs) For fans wavin they hands, repeatin my sentence
My times now, eat when I'm finished
(As for y'all) You? You oppose no threat
Got your chick hollering B.R.E.T.T.!
Verse 7
[Nate Dogg]
I got love
I got game cause, the game was given to me
Say my name
Say my name cause, ain't nobody tighter than me
Give it up
Give it up if, you like the way I'm rocking this beat
I don't know
Know nothing better, chasing my cheddar
If you ain't loving the boy, you ain't never listened to me

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I Got Love [Remix]

by Nate Dogg/Fabolous/B.R.E.T.T. & Kurupt, B.R.E.T.T.