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by Fellowcraft


That's That Lyrics

I see you out there on the platform, you're looking left, you're looking right - wondering if this day's gonna end, without you havin' to get in a fight/ and you tell me the boss gave you the blues. You spilled coffee on your brand new shoes/ I march to beat of my own drum, I go home when my day is done and that's that

You're standing there in the boardroom writing on all the big white walls, Boss' on your back, the trains off the track, its eight cars behind and I know you aint got no more time, to be waiting around on the red line/ I march to beat of my own drum, I go home when my day is done and that's that

*Ardamus – extrovert tendencies, introvert emphasis, the party grants clemency/Three stars my sleeve and stripes elsewhere that you won't believe/ Real estate's hard to achieve when the wash you in airby won't concede/Don't shine no shoes, I came from the south still I rhyme those blues/I got IOU's and I know you's, keep my wins cause I won't lose, aint flow with anguish, newcomers cant decode the language/Show a painting of what the night looks like, drunks make the bars keep the books nice/New neighbors moved in shouting cuss words, cause the city aint quiet like the suburbs/You can fear I'm lying, it's not DC if you don't hear the sirens/I'm not saying it twice, Marion Barry, mayor for life/ If you don't like you can leave, Barry Farm aint for sale, let 'em keep the deeds/ develop some sense, mumbo sauce on the wings, yo/It gets intense

When you're out there on U Street baby, with your dancing shoes on your feet you're the apple of the nation's eye, bustin' loose just six miles wide/ We got Go-Go, the Lucky So and So's, Chuck B, Dave G and the Big Tony funky trouble show / We march to the beat of our own drum, and we go home when our day is done...and That's That

Writer(s): Fellowcraft Band
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Fellowcraft
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