Death to YOU cover
Death to YOU cover

Death to YOU Lyrics Meanings
by Fellywuhzaya


Death to YOU Lyrics

Pew, pew, pew
Pew, pew, pew (okay!) You a lul ugly aah stupid aah hoe
You know you dumb
Why you acting so slow
Trap out the flat out loud blowing the clouds
Knock on the door it's too loud turn it down
Her pussy wet I can't swim Imma drown
End of the day imma have to pipe down
Wipe that smirk put cho ass on the ground
As long as I smile my haters gon frown
Haters gon hate me got enemies (huh)
No one can fuck up my energy (huh)
I put my cock on her dentistry huh (aye)
Fidgety meant to be this nigga giggity
Trap out the house full of niggas with tendencies
Glock to your face boy you justified killing me
Healing me dealing me her pussy winning me
I took yah bitch then I kill all your friends
Damn I'm just in it to win
I'm at the top spent too long in the bin
Oh no I did it again
This is the best way to save you from yo sin
Cut off yah head throw your ass off a bridge
You some left over you moldy and shit
You is a bitch you a student to this
I don't teach shit I'm too used to the hits
I fucked your mom that's a hit or a miss
Check out the link to my song on the gram
How you eat s'mores you don't got any gram?
How you eat s'mores you don't got any frand?
How you a bitch?
How you a hoe?
You a lul stupid as bitch I don't know
I don't give fuck bout no bitch she a hoe
I don't give fuck bout no money or drow
I get this drug
I get this shit
I got that bug, all on my shit
I got that bug, all on my shit
You is a rug, you a lul bit

Writer(s): Fellywuhzaya
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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