Fit for a King Deathgrip cover

by Fit for a King

Oct 7, 2016

Deathgrip Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Foundation cracks
The wounds are bleeding
The end is calling
The end is here
Verse 2
You're in a deathgrip
You're in a deathgrip
Death will know my name
You're at the worlds end
You're at the worlds end
I will be the last one standing
I can see the end
It's staring right back at me
I brought us here
A place laid to waste by humanity
Verse 3
The storms destroy
The quakes awaken
The end is calling
The end is here
Verse 4
In a life of choice
I chose to deny
Through all of my sins
I chose to die
Verse 5
There will be nothing when I've lost it all
Please God, let this end painlessly
Verse 6
My memories are like a noose around my neck
I could never let go of all the regrets
Verse 7

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