Nuthin' But A Dream

Nuthin' But A Dream Lyrics Meanings
by Flovatt


Nuthin' But A Dream Lyrics

Lighter flicks
Hits blunt

I can see it all
Nobody else can, does it matter to me? Naw (Matter to me-naw)
I don't give a damn, tryna be a man
Can't even drink alcohol (Alcohol)
Big balls, nigga
Look at me wrong, bitch, I won't look away at all (Look away at all)
I said, "What the fuck is you staring at?!" (Huh)
The fucking king?
GawD overall, if there's such a thing
I imagine in my mind, being up with G's
Like K. Dot and Drake, but ain't touching me (nuh-uh)
No disrespect-if the world was free
I would rip my checks and be a dope MC
Just speak about pure love and peace
But this world is cold, because of you and me
And I see (Fuck this)

That it is nuthin' but a dream
All the cars and the bling, it is nuthin' but a dream
All the cash and the ass, that you grab and amass, it ain't always what it seems
(Always what it seems)
Everybody want love, but nobody got trust got to find an in-between
Find an in-between
We needa live happily
Life-what the fuck does it mean?

And I've been asking that question, ever since an adolescent
Momma told me just to preach (Preach)
To the Bible, but to me, it ain't reliable
Feeling' like it's a scheme cha-ching
The biggest selling book got her hooked what the fuck does it mean?
She's calling me crazy, I ain't the only one, maybe
But lately
The scapegoats had enough
Feeling' like I wanna cutthroats for the blood, yup, but
That ain't really me, looking in the mirror like "another enemy"
Cause I got the remedy, but I'm moving like a centipede
My energy is drained after smoking heavily
And medically, I'm just pushing for the heaven, see
This living hell's got the devil wrecking me

Now it's nuthing' but a dream
All the scars in the bars now it's nothing but a dream
Moving on from the past, because it never last
Now I gotta make a dream
Come true with the crew, gotta do what it do
Only way to succeed, only way to achieve
Sweet, sweet victory

Put your motherfucking' hands up, know what I mean
Fuck a nigga hating, man, staying with the schemes
Dollha and a dream

Writer(s): Fernando Lopez
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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