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Tosh (Gosh) [Gosh mix]
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Tosh (Gosh) [Gosh mix] Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Super human fly, super sensitized
Super this and that, super value pack
Super grass for gain, super power games
Super secret spy, under supervised
On a super stage, Super market chains
Super tanker spill, pinpoint super kill
Super info fact, super computer hack
Super master plan, cream of superman
Verse 2
Super deluxe fit, super shuttle trip
Super weekend break, super move to make
Sherlock super sleuth, super channel news
Future super race, super heavy weight
Super sexy stars, superficial farce
Superceding all, super 4 point 4
Super 2 point 2, super me and you
On a super charge, living super fast
Verse 3
Superintendent, common super sense
Super data stream, super squeaky clean
From the superbowl, what a supreme show
Super place to go, on board the super flow
Super highway bus, connecting them and us
Super tune it up, super fast enough
Super nova shine, super x-ray eyes
Looking deep inside, superstitious minds
Verse 4
Supertronic key, Super A.B.C.
Super title crown, into super sound
Super saver fare, weston super mare
Super do ray me, super duper wheeze
Supercilious, super stupid fuss
Super conducting thing, twenty super kings
Sure shot super sub, super unleaded plus
From the super loo, less than super cool
Super groupie tour, lake superior
Smoking super skunk, lost in super funk
Super structure flaw, discount super store
Super sonic boom, super rhythm groove
Super mario, super high and low
One off super smash, super black market clash
Soft and super strong, Super imposition
Super annuate, Super smashing great.

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