Again Lyrics Meanings
by Foundhate


Again Lyrics

So I'm stuck in my head yet again
Blossoms falling from the tree
I just wanna be me
But I can't
Just stay inside
Make up my mind
Please stop wasting my time
Never alive
Better off dead
I don't wanna hear what you said
Demons flashin in my head
Now all I see red
Wake up another day
In a land so far away
Fuck it imma die today

Love lies I don't wanna cry
Want you by my side
Let's take some time

Truth comes out
Now I'm hurt
I fuckin feel like dirt
So ashamed
Don't wanna show my face
Someone save from this place
Now I'm gone fuck it make another song
That'll help
That's a lie
Don't you even see me try
All these things that I've been through,
To much
Someone switch me like a clutch
So fuckin tired can't even eat lunch
Wake up to a bunch
Sell that shit then I'm back
Can't forget about my past
No I can't sleep
No I can't dream
Am I even alive
Don't wanna take my time

Read between the lines
Save it for another time
Love lies I don't wanna cry
Want you by my side
Let's take some time

Writer(s): Foundhate, Alex Jakobi
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid, SENTRIC MUSIC
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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