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We Hate to Leave
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Aug 25, 1997

We Hate to Leave Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
We hate to leave,
But when they give you leave,you gotta leave,
Oh our hearts bleed for all you guys aboard,
But right now sympathy is a thing we can't afford
We hate to leave, we hate to leave,
Without you guys along, we'll even grieve,
But we'll be back, yes, we'll be back.
Before we're even missed
And tell you guys about the gals out there that we have kissed,
We'll even say, we'll even say,
We really hate to leave.
(You know, Clarence, I hate the thought of going ashore,)
(And leave these guys here sitting in their undershirts)
(We gotta meet all those beautiful dames in their soft silk dresses,)
(But duty is duty, and an order is an order)
(Now I know some guys get a thrill out of meeting)
(A gorgeous gal every night.)
Oh, we hate to leave, we hate to leave,
But when they give you leave, you gotta leave.
No more pin-up gals that we so enjoy,
Tonight, my boy, we get to meet the real McCoy.
We hate to leave, we hate to leave,
But we'll be back before the night is here.
We want to stay, we want to stay,
Our hearts are with the ship.
But the Admiral made us take this leave
Or he'll beat us with a whip.
We'd rather stay, we'd rather stay,
Oh we really hate to leave.

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