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Frozen Darkness Lyrics

Behold: the almighty gates of the forbidden voids
Which are closed since countless aeons ago;
A mighty infernal horde: hammering fort from behind the black door
The locks and the chains are broken by force;
It's the Southern God through the Western Gate of this world...
He... has come... To us...

He who brings doom, holocaust and fierce destruction
Has finally awaken with our mighty words
The seventh aeon will soon be gone;
He who rides the storm: Here comes our lord...
Thousands of names from a thousand worlds ...
We've found the two words
To unleash his black flame of chaos
And drive his starving lust to extinguish the unworthy life in this world

(Chant): "ia! zi azag!"
From the Frozen depths (the) Black Dragon awakes
By the Western gate He will soon emerge...
(Chant):"ia! zi azkak!"
Darkness spreads from the Southern Satanic Realm;
While Chaos arrives from the cosmic spheres:

Humwawa, pazuzu
Southern wind, deadly plague
Azag-thoth, kutulu
Ancient Ones, Seed of Death

Aranunna: "aramanngi"
Lugalanna: "baldikhu"
Secret kept will be death
Chosen ones won't get through
Zahrim: "mashshagarannu"
Zahgurim: "mashtishaddu"
Rip the heart, tear the womb
Cut the tree from the root!

"Pray for the Gods to grant Thee death before...
The Ancient Ones rule the earth once more"

Writer(s): Andres Mera, Jaime Henao
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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