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Verse 1
Everyone starts with the sweetest dreams
Living long life living beautiful scenes
Make a million dollars wearing gold and jewels
Drive a big black Benz or a Caribbean cruise
Or maybe you dream that you just can't lose
Or playing blues is the path that you choose
Or perhaps your dream of going back to nature's plan
And just live off the land and be a natural man
Or of a beautiful girl who's holding your hand
Loving the one you're with, with her beautiful tan
Like you're holding the riff that laying in your hand
Or you dream of playing band from electric lady land
Riffs just like Jimi Hendrix
Verse 0
Are you feeling the feeling that I'm feeling
Dreams are like fish you gots to keep on reeling
Are you feeling the feeling that I'm feeling
Dreams are like fish you gots to keep on reeling
Are you feeling the feeling that I'm feeling
Verse 2
"stop daydreaming!"
That's what my teachers used to say
While they kick a bunch of crap that I forgot anyway
Educatin's important to make a man complete
But everything I learned in school
I learned again on the street
Now my time is booked cause I've got the look
And when I walk on my path
You know I can't be shook
Stay alert in this day you have to go for yours
The force conspires to help brothers
That help others open doors
Wars and battles, rage round us everyday
While the real troops keep our heads up while we play
This game of chance that they busy calling life
Can be quite a disappointing ride
You can't blame the youth and you can't blame god
Now who you gonna blame when the dogs in the yard
Verse 3
Verse 4
Wisdom asks "are you ready for this?"
Experience says "the kid can't miss"
Professional advice got you thinking twice
Don't roll the dice if you can't pay the price
The omen says "walk towards the light
The first impulse is free and it's always right"
Doubt suggests "what you think you can achieve?"
You're just a Philly kid from south 2 street
Rapping blues and playing guitar
Now I'm chillin sky's the limit
I'm a rock and 'roll star
Making funky music hit records are exploding
The free wind is blowing
Higher than the liars melting in the fire
How high can you ride?
The greatest victory it was
When we believe in legends getting busy like the man
They call "school's in session" addressing all you people
Like I know who you are 'cause streets are universal and the world is wide
But no matter what you're running from you just can't hide
If you seek the truth, the truest kid you'll find
So trace your tracks a fact's a fact
Three aces one king and a one eyed jack
You ain't going no where until its time to leave
Your wind's just a little story that I'm starting to read
Verse 5

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