Gavin Harrison, Colin Edwin, Richard Barbieri Heartattack in a Layby cover

Heartattack in a Layby
by Gavin Harrison, Colin Edwin & Richard Barbieri
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Verse 1
I pull off the road
East of Baldock and Ashford
Feeling for my cell
In the light from the dashboard
Verse 2
Hissing from the road
The smell of rain in the air con
Maybe check the news
Or just put a tape on
Verse 3
Lighting up a smoke
I've got this feeling inside me
Don't feel too good
Verse 4
If I close my eyes
And fell asleep in this lay-by
Would it all subside
The fever pushing the day by
Verse 5
Motor window wind
I could do with some fresh air
Can't breathe too well
Verse 6
(She waits for me.
Home waits for me.)
Verse 7
I guess I should go now
She's waiting to make up
To tell me she's sorry
And how much she missed me
I guess I'm just burnt out
I really should slow down
I'm perfectly fine but
I just need to lie down
Verse 8
We'll grow old together
We'll grow old together
We'll grow old together

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